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Third Thing (80 min.)

     - When 17-year-old Clara spends the weekend visiting her half-brother Justin, 34 years old and still obsessed with a cartoon from his youth, the two are forced to confront their disparate understandings of their family—and their own relationship.

The Music Never Stopped (110 min.)

     - Set simultaneously at Grateful Dead concerts at Frost Amphitheater in 1985 and at Levi's Stadium in 2015, three Stanford alumni reunite to see their favorite band, argue about set lists, and rewrite a painful memory from their undergraduate days.


Untitled Immersive Seder Play (Run time TBD.)

     - Join the Levy family for an immersive Passover Seder experience,  replete with family drama and matzo ball soup.


Welcome to My Channel (Pilot, 30 min.)

     - Rival YouTube stars Sebastian and Martin are banded together by their brilliant producer Jill to break away from their predatory media company and found their own production company.

Future Power People (Feature, 90 min.)

     - Sylvie, an aspiring podcaster, realizes that the algorithm her best friend and roommate, Eli, wrote to optimize his dating life is the ideal subject matter for her next project—so long as Eli doesn't find out.

96ers (Run time TBD.)

     - Loosely inspired by Virginia Woolf's The Waves, this miniseries follows six childhood friends as they grapple with loss, identity, COVID-19, and other travails of growing into their 20s in the 2020s.


Baggage (90 min.)
     - After an encounter on an airplane leads to a switch-up of their luggage, messy Claire and obstinate Bennett are matched by the National Soulmate Database. Discovering that Bennett abstains from reading the database files, Claire sees a chance to reinvent herself——until the truth catches up with the both of them. Commissioned by Meet Cute, available on all podcasting platforms May 2024.

Miasma (30 min.)
     - Aiden, a genderqueer person struggling to repair their relationship with medicine, is haunted by Dr. Joseph Lister, the 19th century surgeon and inventor considered to be the father of antiseptics, and by Dr. Lister's sister/test subject Isabella.

"For Xana on the Stillwell F Train, 10:25pm" (4 min.)
     - Commissioned by the Young New Yorkers' Chorus, this text was arranged for choral performance by composer Rachel DeVore Fogarty. Score HERE


"The Affair of the Affair" Slate

"In Lloyd Suh's The Chinese Lady, Everything Is For Sale" 3Views on Theatre

"The Dramaturgy of the Rise and Fall of the Bon Appétit YouTube Channel" PopMatters


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